Poverty In Bosnia And Herzegovina Essay

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Poverty is a big problem in Bosnia and Herzegovina and in the world. In the world, it is estimated that 1,4 billion people live at poverty line of $1,25 or below, (Global Issues, 2014). Besides the poverty, a lot of other issues are present, such as lack of clean water, famine and diseases. Some 1.1 billion people in developing countries have inadequate access to water, and 2.6 billion lack basic sanitation, (Global Issues, 2014). The most of the poverty is present in Africa and in the countries of the Third World. In addition, a lot of children die in these countries because of disease or famine.
According to UNICEF, 22,000 children die each day due to poverty. And they “die quietly in some of the poorest villages on earth, far removed from the scrutiny and the conscience of the world. Being meek and weak in life makes these dying multitudes even more invisible in death“. About 1 million of children worlwide live in poverty, which means every second child.
In Bosnia and Herzegovina, a war between 1992-1995 downgraded the economy and the country became poorer. It caused a loss for a lot of lives and war damage is estimated more than US$100 billion. Today, Bosnia and Herzegovina is one of the poorest countries in Europe, despite economical growth (Rural poverty portal, 2014)
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It led the country into poverty, and today 18,6% of inhabitants in Bosnia and Herzegovina live below the poverty line (Rural poverty portal, 2014). The poor population mostly consist of people which live in rural areas, Romany people and returnees in East Bosnia and Republic of Srpska, where most of the Bosnian people were killed in the war and where the biggest devastation was made. It is evidenced that in the world women are more influenced by the poverty than men, and in Bosnia and Herzegovina only 35 percent of women work (Rural poverty portal,

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