Poverty In Canada

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Today the world has progressed in several fields but overcoming poverty is not one of them. Poverty is not a problem rather a disease which has been damaging the Earth over centuries. In 1959, Inter-American Developmental Bank was established to reduce poverty in Latin America and the Caribbean. A total of 48 member countries (22 non-borrowing and 26 borrowing) came together to take this international initiative. The current situation is better but not complete. According to the Millennium Development Goals (MDG), about 800 million people still live in extreme poverty and over 880 million people are estimated to be living in slum-like conditions in the developing world’s cities. The delegation of Canada believes that with global…show more content…
This contribution also helped generate jobs in climate-friendly projects. In addition, Canada is a significant contributor to the IDB’s Multilateral Investment Fund, a leading promoter of microfinance in Latin America and the Caribbean. Canada believes that the committee should touch base on the work done thus far in the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) and develop concrete strategies for the future reduction of poverty in the American countries. The MDG helped reduce poverty by 66% in the Caribbean and Latin America but problems still persist. Despite progress, almost half of the world’s employed people work in vulnerable conditions. Children and women continue to suffer with very less improvement and promise. The delegation of Canada thinks that achieving poverty reduction goals should be facilitated through loans sanctioned by the IDB and its collaborative members. With the MDG coming to an end, Canada urges other nations to come up with modifications for better results by 2030. Canada lists out 5 major areas in which improvement will help reducing poverty. They…show more content…
Improving women and children condition. 5. Sustainable Development Among the following mentioned above, the condition of women is very critical. In many parts, women continue to be discriminated, devoid of proper sanitation and equality. The Delegation of Canada recognizes that it is imperative to address the following issues in the Caribbean and Latin America; however the Delegation also believes that the main body of the IDB must concede to the financial constraints of the organization.. The Delegation of Canada would implore the member states of the IDB to consider that a fair and proper distribution of IDB funding across all of its programs is paramount to achieving multilateral sustainability and solidarity. With this in mind, the member states are required to exercise fiscal responsibility in the committal of funding for the various projects and programs of the. In addition, the Delegation of Canada acknowledges the reality that there are many monetory challenges plaguing these areas and takes this into consideration when evaluating budgets for different projects. Nonetheless, the Delegation of Canada looks to this approaching IDB conference with increased confidence in the abilities of all member

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