Poverty In Canadian Youth Thesis

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Poverty is a social problem that affects a significant amount of individuals across all cultures. However, the youth growing up in these conditions are becoming susceptible to falling into deviance provided by their peers. Young individuals born into poverty have little opportunities to advance because they unfortunately didn 't win the genetic lottery of being higher class citizens. In the song “Institutionalized” by Kendrick Lamar (Kendrick 2015), suggests that poverty has become an institution where individuals are held hostage to their social class for being born into poverty. Kendrick uses the phrase “master take the chains off me” (Kendrick 2015 line 15) to emphasize the strength of poverty and how it is so closely related to slavery.…show more content…
She surrounds her concerns around the lake of social services and the higher probability of individuals staying in poverty for more than 4 years (Megan 2013 line 19 and 34). However, in the article “Income Equality Not a Problem in Canada” by Jock Finlayson in the Vancouver Sun (Jock 2014), shares his view of how young Canadian born citizens are better off than the American. He states that Canadian youth are more likely to complete post secondary education and move to a higher income classes (Jock 2014 line 55). His perspective provides a conflicting ideology to Megan’s article on how the child poverty poses significant threat to society. In this essay I will relate the sociological perspective of Structural Functionalism, Symbolic Interactionism, and Conflict Theory to discuss the child poverty. Specifically, Structural Functionalism surrounds their belief that society would not function without those individuals living in poverty working low paying…show more content…
Provided through the use of Kendrick Lamar, Megan Hooft, and Jock Finlayson and the different perspectives of Structural Functionalism, Symbolic Interaction, and Conflict theory. To conclusion, the effects of child poverty are significantly bad on society, but it is inevitable to dismiss all poverty around canada. This suggests that we should try to minimize our poverty rate among children and adults, but we require some individuals to be in that lower income bracket to keep society in unity. However, using a sociological imagination to better understand the social problems at hand can help allow us to think critically about the cause, effect, and

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