Poverty In China

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Poverty - is a huge problem in the world. Countries all over the world are trying to decrease poverty rate. Between 1981-2004, China took off more than 600 million people out of poverty (China Poverty Reduction, 2010). China’s poverty overall has gone down because of government investments into an economy, which resulted in rapid growth and urbanization. Chinese government implemented series of social programs in order to sustain rapid economic growth. As of today, China made a huge progress in poverty reduction. According to government estimates, the world poverty level has fallen from about 30 % in 1978 to 3 % today, and only rural and minority areas poverty still remains as issues. Chinese government initiated the project that is based on reducing poverty in Qinba area to deal with community issues, such as:
1. Health problems. In rural areas illnesses such as tuberculosis and iodine deficiency disorders are very common. People suffer from malnutrition and therefore organism become very vulnerable. Therefore, the death rate in rural areas usually greater than the national average.
2. Education. Adults and children in poor areas do not attend school and as a result development process is stagnated.
3. Environmental issues are also causing a poverty, such as a lowland quality or unpredicted natural disasters. These three problems are believed to be main poverty triggers.
Poverty cannot be eliminated immediately due to many various obstacles. Even if World Bank and the
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