Poverty In Education

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Teaching with poverty in mind. Throughout the years there has been many questions and concerns about the education system in not only America but the world. One issue in particular that comes up would be, how attending a low income schools effects children and those also with special needs. There are many urban and areas of poverty that face this daunting task of trying to provide the best education that they can give to these children who have no choice but to attended a “failing or low- income schools.” Poverty effects people in many ways, which contributes to the lack of education and knowledge. There are many factors that play apart in why students in low income schools are failing not only in school but in life as well. How do we address this issue, how to do we change this, how can we make this better? What is the root of the issue in low income schools?
Keywords: Poverty, low-income, generational poverty, relative poverty, urban poverty, rural poverty, special needs,

The purpose of the review is to discuss and summarize a multitude of research found that helps to explain not only the causes and effects of poverty and how low income schools affect children, but also helps to find solutions and other community based ideas to help end this cycle over time. For the past 50 plus years, research in field of education has continuously found that a link between student’s socioeconomic statuses and student poverty levels are associated with
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