Poverty In Guatemala

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Guatemala is a Latin American country located in Central America. It is one of the northernmost Central American nations, and the size of this country is comparable to the American state of Tennessee. The countries bordering Guatemala are Mexico on the north and west, and Belize, Honduras, and El Salvador on the east. The population of this country (as of 2015) is 15.47 million people, making Guatemala one of the most populated countries in Central America. Out of these 15 million people, about 60% of them speak Spanish, making it the official language of the country. The other 40% speak Amerindian languages, which consist of
‘ twenty-three different known subsets of Amerindian language. The most predominate religions in Guatemala are Roman
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The agricultural sector of Guatemala makes up 13.6% of the GDP and 31% of the labor force. The most important of these agricultural exports are sugar, coffee, a variety of vegetables, and bananas. The distribution of income in Guatemala is very unequal; the richest twenty percent of the population accounts for over 51% of Guatemala’s overall consumption. Over half of Guatemala’s population lives below the poverty line, and almost a fourth of this nation lives in extreme poverty. 79% of these people who live below the poverty line in extreme poverty are from indigenous groups. Guatemala also has one of the highest malnourishment rates in the world, with one half of Guatemalan children being critically…show more content…
Agricultural exports of bananas, coffee, sugar, and beef are the most important items of export for Costa Rica, but a variety of industrial and specialized agricultural products have expanded export trade in the past few years. Poverty rates in Costa Rica have remained around 15%-20% for nearly 20 years. Also, the strong social safety net that had been put into place by the government has eroded due to increased financial constraints. Guatemala, Mexico, and Costa Rica all are similar in that a lot of the country’s’ revenue comes from agriculture, and their poverty rates are higher than more developed countries, such as the United

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