Poverty In India

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For years, Poverty has always been one of the issues that happen in undeveloped and developing countries. Poverty is an issues that needed to be solve because thousands of people die each year and it will get worse if no one tries to stop it . This research paper will give a better understanding about poverty in India, its cause , how it affects people’s lifestyle and what people can do to stop it . What is poverty? Well poverty refers to a condition where one is unable to obtain human basic needs such as food, clothes , healthcare, and shelter .Poverty has been around for a long time and it is killing the growth population . It all started when the rich are getting richer and the poor are poorer. Poverty causes people to have low self-esteem and it deprives people of their basic needs .

Today poverty is still a major issue in India as poor families living in piles of trash with no clothes and many of them die because of hunger. Many Indian people are struggling to survive because they only get a meal per day or they don’t get it at all. They don’t have the money to get food or anything that could help them survive without having the experience to starve to death and shelter that could keep them safe and secure from the cold and hot weather. The UNICEF said that ‘’22000 kids die because their parents can not afford food for them to eat and keep themselves alive “. Poverty is a deadly issue because it kills thousands of people each day. Poverty occurs because people with

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