Poverty In John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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In what way is poverty important in the novel? Poverty is significant in the novel as it expresses how they were living in 1937, is shows how they lived and what they did for jobs and an income. The great depression shows poverty through the wall street crash. 15.5 million were unemployed by march 1933, which was around the time is was set . George and Lennie are traveling to soledad, to a ranch to find work. George and lennie's friendship is rare in the time of the great depression as everyone traveled by them self, their friendship was like father and son. The quote ‘ i could get my fifty bucks and go into town and get whatever i want,’ is suggesting that in the great depression ‘50 bucks’ could get them into town and that they would spend it easily as they had an income but nothing to spend it on the men are isolated and lonely. One of…show more content…
The 150,000 square-mile area, encompassing from oklahoma and texas to colorado and new mexico. Had little rain, little soil, high wind and a lot of destructions. When destruction struck from 1934 to 1937 the wind easily pick up topsoil creating dust clouds, also called the ‘black blizzard’. Millions of people's homes were wiped out by dust storms, causing them to migrate westward, usually to California. The Dust Bowl exodus was the largest migration in American history within a short period of time. The migrants from Oklahoma were commonly known as migrant workers, who would travel about the country in search of work. The characters that Steinbeck writes about in Of Mice and Men are such migrant workers, who find themselves traveling together in search of work. George and lennie travel together to find work, george is like a father figure and is in control of lennie due to lennie's mental disability. The quote ‘ ash piles made by many fires’ emphasises the dust bowl and the affects of it on the
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