Poverty In Mindanao Case Study

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1.0 INTRODUCTION In Mindanao, Philippine where most of Muslim people lived there. Before Spain came to the country, they lived peaceful. But after Spain came, they tried to controlled the country included to change their religion.The conflict in Mindanao when there was a massive resettlement Christian.Muslim population felt discriminatedagainst Christian North. According to Sylvia Concepcion, Larry Digal, Rufa Guiam, Romulo De La Rosa, and Mara Stankovitch (December, 2003) “Mindanao is the second S largest island of the Philippines and home to 24% of the Filipino population. In 2000, this represented about 18 million people of highly diverse ethnicities, cultures and ways of life. The peoples of Mindanao include 13 Islamised ethno-linguistic…show more content…
According to Sylvia Concepciòn (December,2003), “in terms of poverty incidence among families, four of the five poorest regions and six of the ten poorest provinces in the Philippines are in Mindanao and the ten include all four provinces in the ARMM. More than 50% of families in all these provinces are living in poverty”.Actually, conflict economy happened long time ago when Spain came to the Philippine. Spanish people tried to controlled the economy in Philippines such they controlled the international port in Philippine because Philppine have a strategic place for trader from outside came for doing business. Because of this,people in Mindanao cannot have their right in involving to the economy because Spain were not allowed them to involved.Besides that,they also force them to pay “ufti”.After Spain, America continued to controlled the country,the caused that they start to had rebel towards the America.They want their rght as the citizens in their

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