Poverty In My Community

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Growing up in the East Flatbush area, I thought my community was united and full of life. Everyone knew each other on our block and looked out for one another. Everyone was nice and our block was always active with kids playing outside and cars blasting music, consistently whirled on and off the block. The same people who watched the corners and protected the kids also bought candy and snack for us. I lived in the middle of my lively block in the top apartment of my grandmother’s house, my uncle and aunts occupied the other apartments, together we enjoyed much of my childhood on Midwood street. This was back when it was much simpler time before I was aware to the underlying issue of poverty and its effects on my community. I attended Middle School 340 which was located in Park Slope, Brooklyn. However, I lived in East Flatbush, Brooklyn and in order to…show more content…
Once I was comforted by my pillow infested bed I finally felt at ease. All I could think about is why ? people would chase after others with intentions of doing harm or stealing. The grownups on the block always taught us respect and repeatedly told us “ this is a life you kids don’t deserve “ . That when those word started to make sense I finally understood how the poverty in the community was a big problem. A big enough problem that it leads other to expel their morals and live dangerously to get basic necessities like a school uniform or just to provide for their families to scrape by. The following week I seen Kenyan in Wingate park, I was confused on whether or not I should start a fight with him or thank him for warning us prior to the chase.” Why “ is how the conversation started , after a quick game of 21 I understood the situation and crowd the neighborhoods conditions forced him into and despite that, I still respected him for signaling us and for also looking out for others in the

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