Poverty In Native Americans Essay

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What Causes Poverty in the Native American Reservations? Poverty in the Native American Reservations is all about lack of basic needs and security. People express their concern as to how they are going to get food or pay their essential bills. Even though the United States doesn’t experience poverty regarding starvation, it has poverty issues that lead to diseases and malnutrition. There are many factors and causes for poverty in the US. This paper will discuss the causes and the effects of the poverty in the Native American Reservations. Unemployment is the main cause of poverty in the Native Reservations in the US. People are overcrowded in these households and only earn social security, veteran or disability’s income. The reservations do not have industrial employers and most of the employers include federal and tribal governments. The condition has resulted to high level of unemployment, which does not only affect individuals but the entire society. The employment problems are driving many Native American families into a state of poverty which has forced some to become homeless. Housing is another factor causing poverty in the Native American Reservations. The gap between the high cost of houses and low wage earned by people living on tribal lands has left many
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Americans in tribal lands depend on the Indian Health service. The program only provides 60% of the health care needs and the extra cost is supposed to be paid by individuals. Many diseases require immediate medical attention and occur unexpectedly. Staying in hospitals, taking treatments, drugs and sometimes surgery require a person to have a good source of money to pay for the hospital bills. It is estimated that the cost of staying in a hospital for a night is around $350. The high hospital bills can quickly turn these people into
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