Water Resources In Nepal Essay

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Food, water and energy are believed to be important basic needs without which human life cannot sustain. Due to the limited resources in earth to satisfy these basic needs, crucial efforts for sustainable development should be taken to pave the pathway that preserve these limited resources for life of future generations in planet. Eradication of extreme poverty and hunger is one of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) as set by United Nations. Nepal, among many least developed countries, still has majority of population under poverty and suffering from insufficiency of food.
Nepal is landlocked country between two countries India (in east, south and west) and China (in north). It has an area of 147,181 Sq.km and is geographically divided
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According to World Bank statistics of 2013, Nepal has been categorized as low-income country with GDP of $19.29 billion. More than 70% of population in Nepal depend on agriculture, which is considered as the main backbone for economic growth and contributes to approximately 36.8% of share to GDP. The major agricultural products of Nepal are paddy, potato, maize, wheat, millet, sugarcane, tobacco and oil seed. Industries in Nepal also depend mainly on agricultural and their main activities include processing of agricultural products (CIA,…show more content…
The irrigation system that uses gravitational energy, also known as conventional irrigation system that are the major irrigation systems developed in Nepal at present. This type of system is suitable depending on the topography of the area where the water source is at higher elevation than the irrigable land. The major components of this system are head works that consists of intake through which water is diverted to sediment tank and then to conveyance structures or canals. The conveyance structure consists of drainage structures such as Supper passage, Aqueduct, Syphon, Village Road Bridge (VRB) and Drops. The operation and maintenance cost of this type of irrigation system depends on the length of the canal and the drainage protection

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