Poverty In Nigeria

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Poverty is not new but at each mention, it uproar a lot of apprehension. This is because a very calamitous consequence on its victims. It trims the social and psychological reputation of its victims. Poverty is an action of being poor. This could be demonstrate even in the midst of plethora because there could be fume poverty as an outcome of lack of knowledge to convert potentiality into pragmatic ingenious perk to excite well being. Poverty is all over the world, but this essay will be discussing about poverty in Nigeria. The preceding shows the impression of our beloved country exclusively when a broad contemplation is made on the Nigeria question and condition. It is so deplorable in the sense that the country that is likely rich in oil…show more content…
According to Obadan and odusola (2001), reveal how sharply the per capital income of Nigeria skid from a high of over 1,280 dollars in 1980 to a low dollar in 1995. Nigeria situation become more deplorable when compared with other less enriched developing countries in Africa and other part of the third world. Finding by Kayode and Odusola (2002) shows, for example that Nigeria’s per capital income of $240 in 1990 was well below the average of over $500 for sub-Saharan Africa. Poverty in Nigeria, a country with over 140million people is all enveloping. The pest has also shown a rising bias the past couple accounting for the nations low development indicators and its ranking alongside the poorest nation in the world (united nation, 2001 and OXFAM, 2003). The question is why are Nigerians poor despite the formable of government? Edoh (2003:71) summary the answer by identifies the cause of poverty in Nigeria which is corruption and embezzlement, poor leadership, lack of basic infrastructure and rapid population growth The Way Forward and Recommendation for Nigeria…show more content…
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