Rainforest Deforestation Essay

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Rainforests are one of the most useful things in this world. They contribute to a lot of the world’s resources and at the moment are being taken advantage of. Based on research done by Rhett butler (Co-founder of Tropical Conservation Science), it shows that by 2013 only 81.4% of the rainforest is left. Whereas in 1970 we still had 97.6% of the world’s rainforest. By 2013, we can see that approximately 763,104 trees have been cut down. Based on the information given, we can say that in 86 years we will only have 49 percent of the rainforest left on this earth. To put this in perspective, 49 percent of trees cut down is equivalent to 1,526,208 trees. Granted that the rate is constant in those 86 years, this is probably the best case scenario.…show more content…
Cutting down trees deprives the forest of portions of its canopy, which blocks the sun’s waves throughout the daytime and holds in heat at night. This disturbance leads to additional life-threatening temperatures swings that can be risky to plants and animals.
Trees also play a serious part in taking in the greenhouse gases that cause global warming. Less woodlands means greater quantities of greenhouse gases entering the atmosphere—and increased speed and brutality of global warming.
From an economic, political and social perspective, the destruction of the rainforests due to the greed of humans have detrimental effects to our earth and safety of the people living on it. Based on the scenarios presented, we can only conclude that the destruction of the rainforest due to human greed will only cause harm to our world.
How do we stop
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For the first time we have the possibility to change things. With leadership from the world’s most powerful country. Bernie Sanders has revealed to the world that we must start now and we must see the real threats and we must recognize that mankind is having a major impact on the
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