Poverty In Singapore

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Poverty in Singapore
Global Perspective Summative Assessment
Student name: Sovansakana Kong
400,000 Singaporeans are left with about 5$/day after paying for utilities, school, rent, loan installments and healthcare.

Every country has at least one poor neighborhood, even in the great lion city of Singapore. However, when you talk about poverty in Singapore, you would not refer to people living under bridges or eating trash. It’s actually a state of living in which an individual or family earns a salary of that’s below the national average where hereby disallows them to cope to the high and forever increasing cost of living. Davin Hong, a Cambodian student who’s currently studying in a Singapore local secondary school, holds this perspective and also commented that Poverty in Singapore is behind the close door, it’s not obvious to see unlike the poverty in Cambodia which is pure nothingness and the inability to produce food for his/her family to consume, living in slums or landfill. From his experiences of living in the local society in Singapore for 2 years, He has a fairly good understanding of this issue.

His opinion is also appears credibility as it has support evidence

One common answer to why there’s still poverty in Singapore is that the government tend to miss out the minority.

Singapore is known for its high standard of education system. However, this system seems to put people into places. There’s a high pressure on both students and parents to work hard as

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