Poverty In The Civil War

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First, poverty is a main cause for civil wars. When in a country most of citizens have poor or low income it increase the civil war. As civil war in poorer countries like African countries or some of Asian countries where most of people are poor is more visible. And when the correlation between income and capital is low there is more likely risk of civil war and internal conflict ( Blattman and Miguel). The evidence show that relation between per capita income and civil war or have middle income still face visible civil war risk. From studies, by Oxford University economists Paul Collier and Anke Hoeffler, Stanford’s James Fearon and David Laitin, and Yale University professor Nicholas Sambanis, “Low Per Capita Income Puts Countries at Greater Risk of Civil War”.…show more content…
As OECD in the world more than thirds of the poorest countries had conflict in 2002. If we compare, the countries with middle incomes are less likely inclined to civil war and countries with high incomes have little risk of civil war. The evidence shows that the "risk of conflict rises as per capita national income drops derives primarily"( Rice,Graff and Lewis 7). When most of people have lower income or the people are jobless that causes poverty people are not satisfy with the condition their lives and incomes and most of the time for earning money they try many ways. Some time they start war against government and some time may they invade on other countries, nation, or tribes to get their rights or the things that belong to them. They fight to find a way to increase the level of their income or force the government to increase the income and give them

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