Informative Speech On Poverty

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Specific Purpose: Today I am here to talk and inform my audiences about poverty in the Congo, and I am going to discuss some possible solutions that might be helpful for poverty reduction in the Congo. Central Idea: Poverty in the Congo is one of the main causes of lacking education about hygiene and not having enough jobs for everyone. I believe if rich countries like the United States of America, China, United Kingdom, and other help them in education about hygiene and create jobs for them, poverty will be reduce there a lot.
I. Introduction
A. Thank you Karolina. As my team said there are many different solutions to reduce poverty in the Congo.
B. I would like to talk about creating jobs and education about hygiene, and how
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Because mothers have more free time to spend with their children, and they have direct effects on raising them. For example as I already said wealthy and rich countries can allocate a special budget to teach or send some hygiene expert over there to teach them some basic personal hygiene. I know that if other countries try to help them by sending some doctor or nurse over there, they can reduce or even cut this problem in next generation of the Congo.
(Now in conclusion, I hope that I could inform you all about some possible solution to get them out of poverty or at least reduce their poverty rate.)
III. Conclusion
A. Now all of us know about unemployment rate and lack of personal hygiene education in the Congo.
B. One of the best ways that can help the Congo to reduce their poverty is a well-paying job for every single person. This solution can create by first world countries. As we all know about female paying rate maybe building a sewing workshop that can teach and then hire people to sew up cloths works there to reduce this rate like as I mentioned sewing U.S army clothes by them.
C. Don’t forget about personal hygiene and its effect to their next generation. Rich countries can help them by sending some doctor or hygiene expert over there to teach them about personal hygiene.
D. Thank you for listening, do you have any
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