Poverty In The Nightline

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As seen in the Nightline clips about gang violence in Chicago, the inner city has been submerged in crime, drug abuse, and a culture of poverty. In order to reduce crime rates and the cycle of urban poverty, I believe that more job training and internship programs should be implemented in and around inner city areas like Chicago.
Social structure theory is a view that states that the primary cause of crime is disadvantaged economic class position. The levels of crime and poverty portrayed in the Nightline clips of Chicago positively support this theory. Another view that is discussed in chapter 6 of the textbook is called differential opportunity. This view explains that lower class youth have limited opportunities so they join gangs
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In a way Dre falls in line with differential opportunity because he joined the gang to do something and progress in life in a way, but at the same time, he didn’t join it to make money, earn wealth, or work towards the American Dream. Dre recognizes his skills and talents and isn’t happy with selling drugs and causing more harm to his community. He specifically asked for help, opportunities, and something to do that is positive. Dre’s story showed me that he isn’t happy living his life the way he is and that he wants to change, but doesn’t have the resources or opportunities. By having more and easier access to job training or internship programs in the inner city, Dre would be able to put his talent and skills to use towards something positive and healthy. My program idea relating to job training and internships specifically reflects the branch of social structure theory called social disorganization theory. Social disorganization theory focuses on institutions in…show more content…
The only way for these citizens to have access to more job training and internship programs is for there to be businesses and companies willing to provide and encourage these services. At this time, I’m not suggesting any specific companies or corporations, but I am willing to offer tax incentives for companies. In order for a company or business to receive the tax incentive, they would need to make the effort to train and hire people living in the inner city area, but more specifically, individuals with a criminal record. The tax incentive program would work similarly to those that benefit employers who make the effort to hire veterans or those with
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