Poverty In The Philippines Essay

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Poverty is a scarcity of one who lacks a certain amount of material possessions. It includes social, economic, and political elements (Semelser & Baltes, 2001). Poverty tends to be the greatest ill that plaques the Filipino society as a whole. As pointed out by several Filipino economists, “At least ¾ or more of our population is living in the poverty line” (Lopez ,2006). The rapid rate of urbanization has spawned problems affecting the quality of life in the cities. Especially for the urban poor the growth of infrastructure and services has not kept the pace with the growth in demand this significantly diminishes the access of the urban poor to basic services, including housing, health and education (Balisacan, 1996). One of the biggest factors that contribute to poverty is corruption, a problem that doesn’t seem to end in the Philippines. Because of this corruption Filipinos are getting short for health,…show more content…
Poverty can worsen health status after chronic deprivation and limited access to various health resources like food, housing and education (Hardesty,2013). Based on a research conducted by Fujisaki, S., children often do not know what their ailments are. So all that can be reported are the symptoms they remember. The child respondents of the research were asked to recall their health complaints within a 3-month period. Colds/coughs, headaches, diarrhea, influenza, nausea and toothache are the symptoms these children have experienced (Fujisaki ,1999). Last 2002, it is estimated that 1.4million of deaths among children under 5years old was recorded due to diseases that could have been prevented by routine vaccination that they should have taken when they were born (Ducusin, 2006). Statistics shows that in 1993, almost 420 Filipino children under 5years old died everyday of infectious disease like pneumonia, diarrhea and measles (Buenconsejo,
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