Poverty In South America

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Love it or hate it, the South is a place like no other. There are many great things about the south. Some of the best things about the south are the delicious southern home cooked meals, the southern hospitality, football, sweet tea, and being the birthplace of many successful musicians and writers. However, there are some things in the south that are not so great. Unfortunately, the south is also known for having some of the most obese residents, having a high percentage of teen pregnancies, and has the highest rate for Americans living in poverty. Poverty is a rising conflict that always seems to be the root of many peoples problems. Diminishing poverty not only requires the attention of the affected individuals, but it also requires…show more content…
Mississippi is the poorest state in the US, with 695,915 people living below the poverty line (Bertrand, 2014, Para. 4). Poverty can have a lasting impact on the way one learns and lives life. Studies show that households that are struggling with poverty tend to have a higher violence rate; relating to the fact that the individuals who live in poverty are also more likely to report a crime than those who do not live in poverty ( The Access to a decent education is also inaccessible to many individuals living in poverty. One famous study on the subject found that poor children, on average, learn only half of their cultural language in comparison to their wealthier peers in the first four years of their life ( Richard Grant, author of Dispatches from Pluto, described the schools as “ F rated by the Mississippi Department of Education” (Grant, 2015, p.174). The high percentages of poverty also act as a barrier to health care facilities for many individuals who are poverty-stricken. In fact, most Mississippians were not able to visit the doctors’ office at least once or twice in a few years due to poverty. According the, people should visit their doctors, at a minimum, once a year. Many people only go to the doctor when they are extremely sick. This causes additional problems because their appointment is…show more content…
The first step that must be taken is adjusting the teachers learning and/or instructing skills. The teachers should be required to attend a class where they have the opportunity to learn the material better, thus allowing them a more beneficial way to interpret their skills to the students, so that the students can better retain the material. The teachers should learn what material is most important to teach, in order to help the student be better prepared for life, considering that most of their poverty-stricken students will not be able to attend college. If teachers focus their attention on the learning experiences of students, and make changes based on what they know about teaching that promotes learning, students will understand more of what they are learning, retain what they learn longer, and learn more than just the content (Weimer, 2011, Para. 5). Thanks to the classes, teachers would be prepared and would feel more comfortable with the material that they are teaching. They should be able to teach the material in any way that they need to, in order to help the student better understand. Teachers can also do certain learning activities that are enjoyable to the students; making them enjoy going to school and eager to learn. Weimer also wrote, “A good learning experience where the student conquers challenging content, finds out something fascinating and through the process
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