Poverty In The United States Essay

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Poverty can be defined as a lack of material resources to meet the human needs and be able to live comfortably. Also, the economy of a country can be affected by international factors and internal factors. However, to define what is poverty, we must first analyze the socio-economic part of each region to see the lifestyle that predominates population. In social stratification, it is defined as the division of the people who make up a society in different groups arranged hierarchically. As a result, the poverty rate in the United States has increased in recent years. Based on social stratification, there are several social problems affecting the economy of the United States such as social inequality, unemployment, and living place.
First, the economy of the United States is affected by the social inequality produced by social stratification.
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Some of the factors that are found were difficult to find a job, lack of information in the universities about the market of job, inability of older workers to adapt to technology (age) and sex. For example, if a person does not find a job for different factors, they will not provide the basic necessities to their family such as food, health care, and house. As a result, they will not have money and they have the high risk to loose their house and do not have things to live comfortable. Otherwise, unemployment contribute to the poverty of the population of the United States if they do not have entries economic.
Third, other thing that contribute the poverty to people is do not have a place to live in the United States. The lack of a home affects mainly the middle and lower classes. As a result, some of the middle and lower classes do not have their own house, while high class have their own property and other specially house for vacations. In effect, the different social classes are consequences to have social inequality in the

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