Poverty In The Us As It Compares To Other Countries Essay

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1. Discuss Poverty in the US as it compares to other countries. Be sure your discussion

concisely includes what you consider the most important points and conclusion.

When comparing the US to other countries, the poverty rate is higher in the US than other countries. Due to wages and hourly pay many people in the US are living within poverty. In most cases, people don’t have the education or the skills to take higher paying jobs. Due to the levels of incomes families are making in the United States it still isn’t enough to move them out of poverty. Since the 1980, the poverty level in the US have been declining due to more resources that are offered.
When looking at the Canada poverty rate compared to United States, Canada and Scandinavian countries has the lowest poverty rates. Furthermore, in these countries there’s more respect for the people and their livelihood. In these neighboring countries they look out for one another and make sure everyone is properly given opportunities to better their lives. In Canada and in those Scandinavian countries, there is taxes and transfer policies that take the places of keeping many families from …show more content…

Policies should be put in place to help better the lives of those who are impacted by the policies; policies shouldn’t make people lives worse. There should be more resources put in place to help those, who are making low wages and who aren’t qualified to take on other job positions due to their skill level. United States need to adopt trends that are incorporated in Canada and Germany. Compared to those countries, there is a more concern for the people and their well-being. Healthcare, education and employment are the threshold that keeps these countries advancing. Due to the ineffectiveness that is found in many families in the United States, this is keeping child impoverished in neighborhoods that are crime-ridden and drug

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