Gender And Poverty Essay

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This essay will explore poverty in the work place and give insight to gender and age roles within the working sector. Additionally, it will acknowledge health issues surrounding low incomes and benefit dependant families. Furthermore, it will investigate social poverty and how the media and government portray these issues. In 1572, a law named the ‘poor law tax’ was implemented by the government. This is when poverty became society’s responsibility to feed, shelter and treat sick poor people by paying taxes to support them (BBC,). With the population rising and fertility rates increasing, the government created more currency to be shared adequately for the growing population (REF). At present in the UK, government statistics highlight that…show more content…
This has a detrimental effect on a young person’s start in life as they may have to support their family or live on their own, inevitably leading to relative poverty. Women and young adults are put into vertical segregation immediately in their working life, whereas, horizontal segregation has seen changes in gender roles in the last decade(REF). In addition to this, mental health issues are more likely to occur due to these restrictions, as a poor working environment can trigger a depressive illness(REF). The thought of being made redundant or being in a low paid job, creates financial difficulties and stress. Leading onto suicide rates, for males in the UK statistics revealed an average of 6 thousand per year committed suicide, with the age being between 25 to 34, highlighting mental health issues in today’s society(REF). This essay highlights that in today’s society there are still ongoing issues that need to be addressed. With the government changing the benefit system again, which is creating more debt and stress to families and individuals in the process of this change, the cycle of poverty will still be ongoing for the foreseeable

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