Poverty Inc Reflection

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Poverty exists because many countries are naive about how to handle the situation properly. To make this point, I am using my sociological imagination, which is; incorporating our personal experiences and hardships with the formation of our society, as well as the our certain time periods of living. First world countries, like the United States believe that we are helping those who live in poverty by donating massive amounts of clothing, shoes, food and much more, however we are only worsening the major problem. Poverty may be defined as lacking so much money that the fundamental needs for living are not able to be met. These core necessities are things such as a roof over our heads and a proper amount of food to be eaten daily. Poverty is considered a social problem because it is an issue that takes a toll on society as a whole with many negative consequences. The objective component of poverty are the negative results that come with the social problem. It causes separation and inequality, health issues due to not being able to afford healthy foods, crime from bad neighborhoods, bad education, increasing divorce rates, depression, and even suicide. These are some of the negative effects that poverty leaves on people. The…show more content…
A big example from the movie was the Tom’s shoe company. This shoe company donates a pair of shoes to a child in need after every purchase. Although this idea came from good heart, many of the people who buy the shoes think that we are doing the people in need a favor, however; we are putting the local cobbler out of business. Those who own business’ to make a living get put out of business because they cannot compete with free items that we are donating. If we are donating massive amounts of items and food, no one will buy from the

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