Poverty On Poverty

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In a recent article titled “Scientists find that growing up poor hurts children 's brain development”, by Scientific American the author talks about how poverty hurts American kids’ brain growth. The author states poverty is Harmful To Brain Development of children who grow up poor or in a poor neighborhood. The author also states that there is less gray matter in the children 's brain than richer children. Finally, the author states that according to an important study Humans Are "Hardy" To A Point. The authors content shows their personal beliefs on poverty because they haven’t shown any evidence of statistics to me proving their article. In the first article the author states poverty is “harmful to the brain development of children who deteriorate in poverty. They accredit when someone develops in a poor family, they are affected in school by their performance. I personally do not believe this. Coming from a family of poverty, a peers ' performance in school education is determined by whether or not the student really believes in having a future. I have gained recognition for two types of people ripen from poverty. Thier decision was either mature and do school and advance on to college to pursue a career they want or, they will decline in school education and not care about school and they will just try to be cool and try to hang out with people who just don 't care about their life neither others lives. The author never stated facts about how poverty affects brain
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