Poverty: One Of The Major Problems Of Modern Society

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Poverty is one of the major problems of modern society. In fact there is no single generally accepted definition of poverty. The narrowest definition of poverty is based on the insufficiency of financial resources to meet the basic life needs. Today, poverty is described as situation in which there is lack of basic opportunities for a dignified life and it is manifested in various ways including social discrimination, lack of income and resources needed for existence, insecure environment and isolation. Also, poverty includes hunger which is related to malnutrition, different health problems, limited or no access to education, inadequate housing conditions, homelessness and lack of other basic services.
Economists define poverty as the inability to achieve a certain standard of living. For example, Ravallion (Ravallion, 1989) believes that "Poverty exists in a given society, when one or more persons can not reach a level of economic prosperity that is considered to represent acceptable minimum regarding the standards of a given society. " This definition implies that the concept of poverty is determined by standards, values and circumstances prevailing in the society. But this definition is not relevant, because it would be difficult to make comparisons of countries and societies because nature and structure of poverty may vary from country to country. As time evolved, understanding the concept of poverty has changed and definition of the poverty has

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