Poverty Reflection Paper

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REFLECTION PAPER The End of Poverty As an engineering student, I had a better understanding on how large the impact of colonialism had all over the world from the ancient time up to our generation. I have now realized how poverty could largely cause a down-fall in a country’s economy because poverty leads to less opportunity for the people to afford their living, shelter, healthcare and education. Sorrow flows inside me as I learned that there are at least 24,000 people dying everyday despite of having plenty of resources. My mind was once again refreshed from knowing when and how the increasing and unstoppable growth of poverty started. I have always been thinking why the conquerors, or conquistadors for the Spanish term, have to manipulate other people, other country, or start an extremely brutal intervention just so to satisfy their needs when they can choose to have a peaceful trade instead? Indeed, wrong ways are always the easier and fastest one. It is so devastating to know how they stole not just the riches (gold and silver), religious artifacts, jewels and lands of the people but also their own culture, language and their home. Like what A.W. Okoth-Ogendo have said in the video when the British came towards the end of 19th century in Kenya, their concern was to justify expropriation of land which did not belong to them and did it using their own legal system which was through the advice that was given to the colonial government. I’m sad to know that “colonial labor

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