Examples Of Deprivation In America

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“Poverty” in America greater resembles deprivation rather than "poverty" from a global context.
According to Mr. Smith (2015) he defined poverty as, “People and families are considered poor when they lack the economic resources necessary to experience a minimally-sufficient standard of living.” This suggests destitution is more of serious deprivation which is the denial of something “you” may consider to be a necessity such as “internet deprivation” rather poverty. It mainly focuses on the inability to provide food (nutritious food), clothing, and shelter; which can also be classified under poverty, but somehow they shift majority of our focus point to homelessness, unable to eat properly or the type of food you would like to eat, as often as you should and not only fulfilling your basic needs but to fulfill it to “your
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Now, if we should embrace America’s interpretation of poverty, then how would we classify those who fall beneath that border line for poverty, based Mr. Smith definition? Is there any other terminology that is lower than poverty? Should we just accept that poverty deals mostly with lacking of satisfying basic needs only; when there are people out there who can meet their basic needs, much less to satisfy them.
However, moving forward and finding a balance ground; poverty may be described based on a country’s culture. So maybe for American, poverty is as defined by Mr. Smith which compliments Harrington (1962) statement of, “To be sure, the other America is not impoverished in the same sense as those poor nations where millions cling to hunger as a defense against starvation… This country has escaped such extremes… That does not change the fact that tens of millions of Americans are, at this very moment, maimed in body and spirit, existing at levels beneath those necessary for human

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