Pow: A Narrative Fiction

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“Hey Kaylyn watcha up to, I’m Going to the park with Olivia do you wanna come? Kaylyn Almost answered, but then I realized I was surrounded by red coats

“what do we have here” he said as he put his musket to my chest “Where am I, all right where is the camera.” Then I saw movement in the foreground. Bang! Pow! Pow! Pow! It all happened so fast. I looked down at my chest, nothing, but there was gunfire every were. All I want is to go home. All I thought about was my nana, my grampi, and my sister. Then I was suddenly in my room. “Ahhhhh!” I yelled “Holy shizzles”

“What in the world,” my sister said. “I..I..I think I just time traveled!” I said. I knew she would not believe me heck I would not believe it if I hadn’t seen it.
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This is more of a Doctor who matter watch out the tardis (A.K.A a time machine) could be here any minute now.” I said with excitement. She had left the room rolling her eyes. I went to the the only people who I could trust with time travel, Olivia, and Kaylyn. I ran and ran. Then I thought dang I should have just ask my grandmothers to drive me. then I thought if I can time travel and when I time travel I go to my desired location in time and space so I do not just have the power of time I have the power of space

Suddenly I was at the park at exactly were and when we was going to meet. There was kaylyn and Olivia standing
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