Powaqqatsi: Why Do People Change?

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Sometimes change can be good. Some people just do not like to change because they have their own traditions on how they do things. But sometimes, people can get pressured into doing something new that they wouldn’t have tried before, and then they end up giving in. Why do people change? People may because their traditions on doing something can be improved and modernized. The movie Powaqqatsi starts off with miners in the field using their bare hands to pick up dirt and put it in bags, to take to the hole they were digging. Most of the characters were wearing the same old-looking clothes doing the same thing they have always done in their day to day lives to make money. Instead of digging the holes with modern tools like a shovel, they use their bare hands. The bags they are using look like they are very old and warn out. The miners in Powaqqatsi are similar to the main characters in Green Eggs and Ham by the way they always do things. The main character in Green Eggs and Ham has never tried green eggs and ham and he wants to keep it how it’s always been. He does not want to try anything new, he feels like he is fine the way he is and there is not a reason to change. Most people, who have done something the same their whole life, do not like to change to…show more content…
Instead of the run down huts they had for houses, the Americans wanted them to have big buildings, roads, cars, and big jobs. But, the people in the third world countries were just not use to that change. Just like how the main character in Green Eggs and Ham was pressured into trying green eggs and ham, but he really did not want too. Sam I Am pressured him into trying it in different places like in a house, in a car or box. But he did not want to anywhere. I think that people should just try out new things and maybe in the end they will end up liking them. If not, then they can just go back to how they were

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