Powder By Tobias Wolff Summary

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In a usual family, there are set roles. A father, mother, and children. Stereotypically, each role is supposed to have a set job- the father is in charge of the family, making the rules, the mother cooks and helps the children, and the children play. This stereotype is slowly changing throughout the years, and some could argue that it is different for their family. One thing that should be true in all families, is that the parents are good role models for their children, leading them in the right direction in life. In the short story, “Powder” by Tobias Wolff, the roles of father and son are flipped. The father in the story doesn’t act as a typical father figure, but instead the son meets all of the requirements that a fatherly figure should have. Throughout the story, the father and son spend a lot time together, making up for all of their lost time together. Through bonding and talking with his father, the son realizes who he is compared to his father and his actions.
One of the first sentences of the story talks about how the father snuck his son into a nightclub to see Thelonious Monk. This sentence can
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In the story, “Powder” by Tobias Wolff, the son didn’t realize that he had a bigger mind than his father. His father sometimes made bad decisions, but because of this, the son and father were able to bond and learn more about each other and themselves. The son realized that he is able to plan ahead very well, thanks to his father. He also realized that his father was an excellent driver, driving through feet of snow. If the father and son weren’t able to spend time together, the son would have never realized that he had a big mind, and he could think ahead in many situations. Even though it might be hard, it is good at times to bond with someone you didn’t think they could do so with, because it is quite possible that you can learn many things that you didn’t know
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