Power And Corruption In Harry Potter

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Power is something that every human being wants; it is something that is earned. Power is authority and strength, which is any form of force or energy, ability to act, or control. It is something that can cause people to do things that they usually would not do. It takes over their mind and their actions, which when put to use in the wrong way can lead to corruption. When too much power is given, one authority makes all decisions. This can lead to corruption. Over using the power given to an individual can cause that individual to do things out of the ordinary. It can lead to a whole country rebelling against the government to change the system that they are running. Also, the fight to attain power over another individual can lead to family…show more content…
When one has control over everyone and everything they can get whatever they want. This is shown clearly in the Harry Potter series. When two forces are going at each other for power, it can affect the people around them and the things around them. This is clearly shown in all of the Harry Potter books. We are all power hungry in one way or another. Whether its in sports, or whether its about running a country, we would kill for power and this is show clearly in Harry Potter as he has to kill Voldemort in order to get that power and control that was needed. In a letter written by Dumbledore in the story, he states that only the necessary amount of power must be used to achieve what we need, not more, and not less. "Yes, we have been given power and yes, that power gives us the right to rule, but it also gives us responsibilities over the ruled. We must stress this point, it will be the foundation stone upon which we build… where we meet resistance, we must use only the force that is necessary and no more." This quote clearly shows us that we sometime go to extreme matters to get things done. The power, which is earned or given to us, is to be used in a way to help others, not to be over used. These are the problems with how we use power. These are the reasons for

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