Power And Diversity In Society

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How individuals and groups cope and interact with each other in society is getting attention recently. Sociologists discovered that power plays an important role within this social behaviour. Nowadays, they analyse the relation between diversity among society and its difficulties to produce relationship such as state and society. Power is the main concept in the great Western belief of thought about political occurrence. According to the endless history itself, there is one outstanding of disagreement on the exact meaning of the word. Probably, power is one of the most vital elements in all organisations. No organisations are able to accomplish their goals without power (Nitisha, n.d.). In short, power is the ability to get into other person’s way and also the ability of groups to count their own interest and other people as well.…show more content…
They use force or power to threaten society in order to make them obey the rule. For example, when parents hit or slap their child to forbid improper acts, they apply force towards the child. Sometimes, using force is necessary in education as agreed by some scholars. The great power decision-makers’ manipulation make most of decision are made without opposition. According to Alvin Genldner (1970), power means ability to apply one’s ethical claims among other things and ethical defaults can be easily manipulated by power. Next, Anthony Giddens (1997) views power is the ability to make changes, from what we have usually been. For example, A can use power against B when A disturbs B’s will and interest. After that, for Foucault, we need to discover the close connection between power and
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