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Verizon Power and politics Teresa Allen Western International University Organizational theory & Behavior MGT-240 -3826 Beth Groh February 12, 2018 Verizon Power and Politics Leadership produces power, and the same can be said being the other way around. Power and leadership can play a significant role in both large and small businesses. This is one reason Verizon Wireless is one of the largest communication firms in the world. Being the largest telecommunication firms, its success is structured on power and roles of leadership from top to bottom. The impact of power depends on some factors relating to management and employee performance. More so, some of these factors include where the employee’s use positive or negative power to…show more content…
For Verizon to continue to be successful there is the need to obtain valuable resources on a competitive level. This is a prime reason why Verizon is so competitive through resources and decision making by teams and groups within the telecommunication firm. According to politics and factors, whenever industry come together in teams or groups, power will be exerted. In most large firms and organizations, there is no shortage of definitions of organizational politics and is considered to be significant to the influence of power. Organizational politics aims at the use of power to affect the decisions being made in an organization (Judge & Robbins 2017). In some cases political behavior is by its very nature secretive and under minding. By bringing politics into the opening there are changes and the manipulating of others with…show more content…
Secondly where there is gain in compatible degrees they may result in a shift in the distribution of power (Zaleznick, A. 1970). Ethics plays a role in all levels of organizational behavior. Verizon wireless communications was the first to create an ethics office which was spearheaded by one of the executives responsible for the compliance. Verizon reports their business code of conduct has become a model for other businesses and organizations. Corporate codes of conduct operate in a legal and ethical environment while addressing multiple audiences both inside and outside the organization (Willerton R. 2015). In some cases political behavior is outside specific job requirements. Furthermore, it requires attention to use power bases. Moreover, the requirements include attempts to influence the goals, criteria or processes used making decisions. Effective communication is a key element to a codes success. Codes can be an instrument in shaping ethical behavior both political and organizational and the goals to employee’s decision

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