Power And Manipulation In William Golding's Lord Of The Flies

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Power and manipulation takes over people’s minds and turns us into egotistical people without even knowing and the sense of having control or authority can brainwash us into the people who we despise. William Golding fabricates his ideas around the time period 1933 after he received his English degree where he mostly wrote poems. Golding’s world consists of writing novels, pulling ideas from the real world into his own creative words on paper, this is where he developed his most famous book, Lord of the Flies, throughout 1954. The perspective of Lord of the Flies is through the eyes of the Second World War and since he was in this war, his point of view on violence changed and gave him a different outlook on society. In the Lord of the Flies…show more content…
It harms the virtue standards and decency making the world as we know, full of evilness. This was portrayed through the character of Ralph and it shows how being influenced by the surroundings can play a part in the change of your personality. This evilness is given off to others which later will spread foulness. The hatred that we as human spread might also come off as dangerous. This dangerous image rubbed off into the character Jack, and this reveals to the reader how power that comes into the wrong hands can be a hazard to society. Not only being in this mindset is terrifying, but this is somewhat usual for us. Being influenced by your surroundings is common, however, one must know how to conquer this in order to thrive. The character Piggy tried to keep this mentality throughout the novel, this confirms how the danger of power can not only influence the people around one person but also could ruin someone’s self-worth. However, prevailing through this and establishing a model for oneself will make a community run afloat. This could be the key to ending all destructive thoughts that we carry and help us grow into a community that we all long for. This novel is the key to understanding and getting into a better headspace. In Lord of the Flies, this idea of hate was presented to show how evilness can overtake

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