A Rhetorical Analysis Of Niebuhr

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Niebuhr Niebuhr talks about how the United States was not too long ago the baby of the world, innocent and powerless to do anything about the turmoil around us. Now the United States is a superpower, reaching out our arms to anyone and everyone… The United States as a whole has become the most powerful nation on earth with our resources, including currently, military and political. Niebuhr also states that the idea of destiny within religion, and how western nations oppose us due to our beliefs and the future of the world depends upon not only power but acquisitions of virtues. Since the United States is still viewed as an innocent and our beliefs, morals traditions come from three different places. It shows where…show more content…
With great power comes great responsibility. That of moral, political and economic power has divided America into three different selections. That power must be managed and not push upon other countries and their views… we must be strong in our political moves, military gains, and economic growth. Which in turn scared our “ally” friends into believing we will take over there the way of life and turn it into an American way of…show more content…
That played against how American views itself as well as how the show the poor appreciation for the global powerhouse of nationalism and how nationalism is viewed as bad in the States… The discussion patriotism and nationalism always get brought up, yet the difference is hard to tell at all. Majority of Americans citizens has the highest sense of honor and pride for their country wanting action to be taken after the attack of 9/11 to their country. Those views of honor, pride and can be seen all through social, cultural, and political with our values and beliefs held high. The roots back to pride in which the citizens who do anything for their country, examples are the national anthem, national holidays, etc. Nationalism is everyone and no one in America can see its effects. Pie states that American nationalism can be broken down into three different classes; political ideals, triumphant than aggrieved, and belief of being superior to other countries. Pie says that we are innocent aboard and the best example of American nationalism is the war of Vietnam and believing we are bigger, faster, stronger and will win. It is the way we view our power and how we push our ideals upon other countries and don’t receive hardly any

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