Power And Wealth In Macbeth

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Did you know power and wealth could drive a man down the road of destruction? The Author William Shakespeare wrote a drama titled Macbeth which took place in Scotland. In the story the main character Macbeth was determined to be king and take the throne. He was willing to kill and betray anyone who got in his way. The theme of the story was honor vs disloyalty and is shown by these three characters in the story: Macbeth, Lady Macbeth, and Macduff. Macbeth’s true colors showed early on in the story and his loyalty to King Duncan quickly is going away. Macbeth’s desire to be king starts to take over him. He starts to contemplate murderous thoughts. He states this, “My thoughts, whose murder yet is but fantastical shakes so my single state of man”. (Act I scene iv, Ln 139-140) In this statement Macbeth realized he has changed into a different man and he does not know who he is becoming, because of his murderous fantasies. The thought of murder quickly changes to a deceitful deed and the worst act of betrayal. Macbeth states this, “I…show more content…
Lady Macbeth states this “Give me the dagger. The sleeping and the dead.” (Act II scene ii, Ln 53) With this quote Lady Macbeth wishes to take the dagger from Macbeth and clean up the murder evidence. This is not the only time Lady Macbeth will help her husband out. At the banquet hall guilt is driving Macbeth insane, to the point he starts to talk about it. Lady Macbeth quickly states this, “I pray you, speak not: he grows worse and worse; Questions enrage him: At once, good night.” (Act III scene v, Ln 118-119) Lady Macbeth once again shows her loyalty to her husband by covering up for him, by saying he is mentally ill and is having a fit. She ask the men to leave so Macbeth can be put to bed. The secret murder cannot be hid forever. Many are getting suspicious including
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