Power Balance Between Carthage And Rome In The First Punic War

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Writing Journal Yuta Michiyabu Though the power balance between Carthage and Rome is equal when the first punic war, the balance move unstabily, as a result, Rome attains the naval power. Before the big war begins, the power balance is nearly equal each other, between Carthage and Rome. According to Morey, W. C. (1901), "In comparing these two great rivals of the West, we might say that they were nearly equal in strength and resources. Carthage had greater wealth, but Rome had a better organization. Carthage had a more powerful navy, but Rome had a more efficient army. Carthage had more brilliant leaders, while Rome had a more steadfast body of citizens". Both has the strong point and weak point, therefore it is hard to decide which one is stronger then. First punic war begins from this equilibrium, to conquer Sicily. In this war, Roman strength derives from the army, in contract, Carthaginian strength does from the navy, each has the different charactor. In case of Carthage, according to Wikipedia, "Carthage had begun to build a mercenary army in Africa, which was to be shipped to Sicily to meet the Romans", besides, "At the beginning of the First Punic War, Rome…show more content…
According to UNRV HISTORY, "Before the final Carthaginian surrender, a city of some 700,000 people was reduced to as few as 50,000 defenders". Besides, Carthage military strategy gets lost, what they do well in the Second Punic War disappears. According to Wikipedia, "In 151 BC Numidia launched another border raid on Carthaginian soil, besieging the Punic town of Oroscopa, and Carthage launched a large military expedition (25,000 soldiers) to repel the Numidian invaders. As a result, Carthage suffered a military defeat and was charged with another fifty year debt to

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