Power Balance Case Study

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Just an ordinary rubber bracelet with some eastern philosophy hologram put on it. Sounds normal, sounds just like a completely ordinary bracelet teenagers might want to use for fashion purposes. But amazingly, people from all over the world were once willing to spend a tremendous amount of money to buy and wear this bracelet. Power Balance, LLC manufactures and markets sports accessories. They produce surgical grade silicone and terrycloth wristbands, pendants, and holograms. The company was founded in 2006 and is based in Lake Forest, California. Starting from January 2 2012, Power Balance LLC started operating as a subsidiary of Hanyang LLC. Power Balance started selling their products on the year 2007, but…show more content…
This incredible success power balance was having led them to once being named the Sports Product of the Year by CNBC’s Darren Rovell.

Power Balance is a brand of hologram bracelets once claimed by its manufacturers and vendors to "use holographic technology" to create with and respond to the natural energy field of the body", thus increasing our body’s ability to respond and move in according to the movement, strength and balance the wearer is demands. Power Balance also claims that the bracelets “react with the body’s natural energy flow,” However, with a little bit of skepticism, critics have found that the products power balance was producing could be included among the group of other dubious products that also made some claims that they were able to help athletes perform well by offering pseudoscience explanations that if confusing and compelling to our intuition enough, would gain
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The manufacturer and sellers of Power Balance had claimed that the wearer would experience up to a 500% increase in strength by placing it within his/her “natural energy field power and flexibility just by wearing the bracelet itself. With a relatively expensive price for a normal regular silicone bracelet, power balance averaged around $60 just for each regular band. With the sudden booming of athletes and celebrities wearing power balance, the trend had led to data showing that over 2.5 million bands were at least sold worldwide just by the end of September that
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