Power Conservation: The Importance Of Energy Conservation

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ENERGY CONSERVATION AND IT’S SUPREME IMPORTANCE As I opened up the morning newspaper, my eyes glanced upon the catchy headlines, which read as, “PM Modi launches Scheme for LED bulb distribution under domestic efficient lighting programme in New Delhi-National Programme for LED-based Home and Street Lighting.’’ The Prime Minister mentioned that energy conservation through the spread of LED bulbs, should become a people’s movement. He observed that it is much more economical and viable to conserve power, than it is to produce it. He also stressed on why it is much more difficult to conserve power, than to produce it, because while large quantity of power can be produced by a single source, it requires the active and able participation of large number of people to conserve that amount of power produced from the same source. Therefore, he called for generating awareness among people for the same. He called for extensive involvement of people in these programmes, who could further motivate others to adopt LED bulbs. I couldn’t control my happiness, for I knew how significant this step was in matters of saving energy and judiciously utilizing it. It only garnered more respect in my mind for our visionary Prime Minister. Why is energy conservation so important? How can energy conservation help in laying the foundation stone for smart and energy efficient buildings? Seeing the today’s scenario of over and inefficient use of energy, these are some of the important questions,

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