Power Corrupt In The Crucible

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Time and Time Again Power Corrupts “Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” This quote by politician Lord Acton has a lot to do with The Crucibles. The Crucibles, a play written by Arthur Miller takes place during the Salem witch trials. In this play a lot more was happening than just the hanging of witches. There was also corruption of power and authority in the court, specifically by a judge named Danforth. Danforth used his hierarchy to take advantage of people and situations. This still happens today all around the world. History has shown time and time again that power corrupts. A recent example can be seen in Guatemala, a country that has struggled with corruption of power for a decade. In the most current case…show more content…
In The Crucibles Danforth is continually harassing Proctor to give up his confession. Once Proctor finally gives up his dignity and confesses, Danforth doesn’t stop. He continues on to force Proctor to write it. This happens when Danforth says, “Do you sport with me? You will sign your name or it is no confession, Mister! His breast heaving with agonized breathing, Proctor now lays the paper down and signs his name.”(Miller 131) There was no law or requirement for a signature, Proctor already gave his word; but Danforth was using his power to force him to sign it so he could publically expose him. Danforth had no right to do this, but since he had the authority to do so he chose to take advantage of it. The same can be said for President Otto in Guatemala. Being President obviously comes with it perks, although Otto takes is a little too far. He tries to use his immunity to get out of what he has done, knowing he’s going to be punished for what he has done. In the Gale Database it reads, “The president, whose term expires in January, and who enjoys immunity while in office, has refused to heed the calls for his resignation…he is only delaying the inevitable -- meaning, quite likely, a prison sentence.” Even when Otto knows he’s about to go down, he’s using his immunity to push it back as far as he can. Immunity is a form of power given to the president as a privilege, but when given this it also caused room for corruption. Using that pleasure as a way to benefit himself when he got in
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