Power Grid Theory

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“When you have a mechanical grid of mechanical devices that have to be individually read and something goes wrong, well, how do you find out about it?” – Brewster McCracken, President and CEO of Pecan Street Inc.
Why do black outs happen? Why do power outages take so long to recover? Do power systems get attacked too? Do power systems need to be protected too? - A naïve me pondered 4 years ago. We have clearly entered the decade of a power-driven economy; an era where the energy demands are increasing much faster than the increasing population of world. In today’s world of ever changing and rising energy demands, the smartest minds of our generation shouldn't be striving for pseudo energy solutions brimming with conventional power grid theories
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Ergo, I worked at CDAC as a Research Project Intern for my undergraduate thesis on “Machine Learning Approach to Cyber Security in Smart Grid” under the guidance of Dr. Zia Saquib, Executive Director, CDAC. During my time at CDAC, I mainly worked on Power System Simulation and Modeling, Power Flow Studies, Load Flow Studies, Building Datasheet and Data Analysis, Machine Learning Techniques and their classification and different software technologies to implement my project wherein I came up with a solution to prevent our designed smart grid from external intrusions, cyber-attacks and hacking. As a result, I was rewarded with the highest score of 375/400 for my undergraduate thesis and invited to present my research in 2 international conferences being held in Singapore and…show more content…
of India; Godrej & Boyce Mfg. Co. Ltd; Center for Development of Advanced Computing (CDAC), Govt. of India; Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd, I am confident of adding to the paradigm diversity of the R&D world. The opportunity to experience working in the corporate world as well as Government organizations has laid a solid foundation in grooming my visualization of a problem from multiple schemas. I learned various research skills working on projects such as “Machine Learning Approach to Cyber Security in Smart Grid” (at CDAC) and “Data Driven Approach to Anomaly Detection in Water Management Systems for Power Industries” (at Reliance Jio in association with CDAC and Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai- MCGM, Govt. of India), which further fuelled my motivation to work on my broader objective of “Coming up with the right solution at the right time on the right system using the right infrastructure and
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