Industrial High School Reflection

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Thank you kindly for allowing me to come forth to you and express my concerns. I sincerely appreciate your willingness to help me in this matter.
I have been experiencing sexual harassment and power harassment at my visit school, Pretoria Industrial High School. I have been experiencing this since the very day I started working at that school. In the beginning I was scared to report the activities to my supervisor last year, Mr. Takeaway. My predecessor, Lee experienced the same things and gave me a warning but she too was too scared to say anything. So for two years she experienced being harassed and never reported it. When she took me to Pretoria Industrial High School she told me to never ever wear dresses or skirts at the school for my
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The students know that I do not speak French so they harass me in English. I have reported it to the male TEACHERs working at those schools and out of all the times I reported it, only one teacher made the student apologize. If I do not report it the teachers will not do anything even if they hear what the student says to me they just go on with class and pretend like nothing is wrong. I do not feel like the French teachers protect me in class. Out of class they can not protect me. I am constantly in fear. I am scared to go to the bathroom thinking I might bump into male students on the way. I am scared to walk from the station to the school and from the school to the station. I work in fear and I do not think that this is right for any person to be scared in their work environment. I try my best to be a great ASSISTANTS even though this is happening but I do not think that I have been giving my best even though I try. I am not the only one in danger but the female students at that school are in danger to. I am not only scared for myself but I fear for them too. I have seen the female students get sexually assaulted in my class and the TEACHER would not do anything. I do not think this is fair for the female students.
I am letting you know the basis of my sexual harassment experiences at that school. I do not wish to go in detail, but if it will make my case stronger and so that you can understand I will answer any questions you might have concerning my
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