Joseph Stalin Animal Farm Analysis

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Introduction In the canonical novel Animal Farm, George Orwell competently uses themes to position the reader to view Joseph Stalin as a tyrannical leader and create a scathing indictment on the Russian Revolution. Animal Farm is a masterwork of political satire and tale of oppressed uneducated underclass who longed for freedom but ultimately are exploited by assuming the very power that had originally oppressed them. 1st Paragraph - POWER THROUGH FEAR (JONES WILL COME BACK, DOGS) George Orwell shows that pigs use the power of fear by using former human rule and ferocious dogs to their own selfishness thus created fear amongst the animals. Reminding the other animals of the previous human ruler generated fear. This occurred because the…show more content…
Without this power the rebellion probably would have never been apparent, and pigs possibly would have never been in supremacy. The reason the rebellion would have never occurred was without the power of speech Old Major could have never inspired to inaugurate the rebellion and 'threw the animals into the wildest excitement' (9). But Old major did not use this power as copious as Squealer. This pig was an awe-inspiring talker and always found a way to convince the other animals with his tail movements, 'Squealer ... could turn black into white' (11). He was the reason Napoleon strived so much as squealer would persuade the animals to listen to napoleon. He was able to convince that the commandments were not broken by the pigs. An example of this was when the pigs moved to the farm house Muriel questioned that this action broke the 4th commandment 'No animal shall sleep in a bed with sheets 'but squealer was able to reword history and assure that the pigs were not breaking the commandment as they were not using bedsheets. Squealer was just like Vyacheslav Molotov who was a speech maker and Prauda editor he manipulated media like squealer manipulated commandments and used propaganda to maintain support. This was also used by Another point to add is Benjamin the old donkey was in fact more intelligent then pigs this
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