Language Symbols And Power Poem Analysis

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Language, symbols and power in folktales and poems Indeed above the strict linguistic rules, the message reproduces also the socially shaped backgrounds of the speaker, his ability to get adapted to or control different situations. The symbolic power justifies some struggles and resistance ,according to Bourdieu social interaction is like a true market which imposes its laws on interest and balance of power on individuals whilst the linguistic exchanges. "The symbolic power is indeed this invisible power that can be exercised only with the complicity of those who do not want to know that it is used upon them or r even that they exercise it "( Langage, p.202). this paradox and this contradiction become logical when we think about the relationship between men and women ,and how women use very diplomatic language to convince their husbands or fathers or to get what they want from them, it also help us understand some implicit…show more content…
Therefore, although severely held in suspicion by fundamentalists and conservatives, it (song) represents in Algeria -a country where the cultural substrate- is heavily invested by orality, a prodigious means of expression and communication that allows the emergence of the discourse of dominated groups in general and women in particular for which it is an essential means of expression . We will try to show how, using the symbols of an ancient culture and intimately combining, lyrics, voice and sometimes music and , the body, it (song) will stand as a space for catharsis where feelings , emotions and opinions repressed will be pour. Women should know that their ability to release the word is emphasized by their capacity of releasing their voice ,the voice is where the individual and the social
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