Power In Gattaca

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Science fiction often shows a relationship between the individual and larger institutions of power, whether political, religious, or corporate. Discuss the representations of institutional systems of power in TWO texts. Consider not only the effect of this power on the individual but also how the texts use power to advance their own critical commentaries. From time immemorial a conscious mind has been subjugated by all sorts of manipulations and racked between power plays for the benefit to be reaped by, predominantly, personal individualistic gains or for a union of highly staked individuals. The claim can be supported by innumerable examples dating back to a start of a more organized and historically accurate and recorded era. Dating as…show more content…
After the simplification the world has descended into a new dark age, anyone literate and eventually anyone who could even read, was likely to be killed. The novel opens up with a novice monk who discovers relics of the abbey’s patron, Issac Edward Lebowitz. The discovery causes and uproar at the monastery and the Abbot fears that such a discovery would cause a delay in the canonization of Lebowitz, we see a dangerous side of faith portrayed where often the monks avoid truth in order to preserve the illusion of a perceived divinity. After years of torment of the monk by the Abbot those relics are eventually presented to the high church resulting in Lebowitz being beatified but the monk faces an undesirable fate, bringing the first part to an
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