Power In Julius Caesar And Calpurnia

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People are powerful through their courage and confidence. A simple statement that can be interpreted differently when it comes to certain situations. However, for William Shakespeare, he had no problem presenting a great deal of strength for two women characters that are not displayed as long as their everlasting power. In the play Julius Caesar, despite the characters being mentioned intermittently, Calpurnia and Portia are both seen as empowering figures because they’re an impact on other men as well as the strength they withhold in themselves. Calpurnia is well known as the wife of Caesar, a man whom is soon to take the throne with many targets on his back. She portrays many strong qualities to keep him safe and alive. For example, she attains the ability of many omens and dreams. Since she has terrible nightmares, she advises…show more content…
She displays many traits to be labeled as a powerful woman. As shown in this quote, “I grant I am a woman, but withal A woman well-reputed, Cato’s daughter.” Portia makes it well known she is a woman from a noble family with a long line of standing power. In agreement, Portia obtains a huge sense of courage to confidently own her strength to Brutus as the strong woman she knows she is (II, i, 317-318). Furthermore, Portia’s love for Brutus is undeniable, so as he faces dangers she is surely there to protect and look out for him. As Brutus talks of going to the Senate, Portia holds herself back from speaking from her heart through her determination. She may have a man's aptitude of power but only the physical strength of a woman (II, IV, 45-49). Portia portrays a heavy amount of strength when her husband leaves, she is a powerful woman who knows the resilience she possesses. Therefore, Portia is not afraid to let anyone know what she stands for, she clearly shows that through her high- level of confidence and
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