Power In Julius Caesar

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INTRO Power. “The capacity or ability to direct or influence the behavior of others or the course of events.” Over these past few months, I have gained knowledge on many subjects- history, literature, and many more, I will be focusing on Religion, Region, and a Julius Caesar character. Having all these different topics, one may ask themselves- “What Religion was most powerful?” or “Who held the most power in Julius Caesar?”. Questions like these make you look deeper into what you learned and help you come to a conclusion. I have found my stances on each of these areas, I found the places of control and influence, I found what epitomized the definition of power. RELIGION - ISLAM The Religions we have studied in class all have had a sort of power, whether it was strong…show more content…
Antony's use of power is done in a way of influence. When Antony delivered his speech at Caesar's funeral, he was smart enough to think of a way to depict his real message hidden in the form of another message. The seemingly obscure message got past the rules set by the conspirators. His way of repeating words such as “honorable” and his claims about Caesar's will was a way for the audience to figure out his reason for speaking and for him to gain their trust. Antony’s way of persuading the crowd is a form of power, power is often seen as mainly physical, not mental. In some circumstances, power needs to be in a cognitive way. Antony switches the crowds opinion with his way of words and portrayal, this characteristic could only belong to someone with a form of power. His ability to sway the crowd to betray everything they just learned is a very important trait in a powerful figure. Antony's willingness to expose the truth and avenge Caesar's death shows his friendship and loyalty. Even after Caesar's death, Antony wishes to do what is right and show what actually
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