Power In Lord Of The Flies Symbolism Essay

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Evil is profoundly immoral actions, evil is being malevolent. Everyone does evil things like hit someone, or call them names, it’s something people do before they understand it's wrong. Even after people learn that it’s wrong they still use it throughout their lives, but why? Evil and fear is created by people who strive for power and the need to feel wanted. In William Golding’s “The Lord of the Flies” the creation of evil and fear is demonstrated through different symbols. William Golding’s “The Lord of the Flies” represents society and uses characters as symbols to represent evil and fear and how it affects society. In the novel the main character who symbolizes the use of evil for power is Jack. From the start of the story you can tell…show more content…
In the novel Golding used Jack’s method of control to represent Machiavelli’s ideas of how people should rule. Machiavelli believes that if you are a politician than it doesn’t matter how nice you are, what citizens need most is effectiveness so then you can create overall stability. One of Machiavelli’s biggest believes was that the most effective way to rule is by using necessary cruelty. This is shown effective by Roger when he tortures Sam in Eric until they agree to join Jack’s tribe (Pages 188-189). Although it is wrong torturing Sam and Eric it was an effective way to gain control because now Jack is able to get inside information about…show more content…
In William Golding’s “The Lord of the Flies” the creation of evil and fear is demonstrated through the actions of young boys who care more about fun and power then they do about logic and humanity. In conclusion Jack used fear to control the other boys and used evil to have fun and keep the control. William Golding used Machiavelli’s beliefs to showcase Jack's love for power and his unwillingness to give it up. Even Ralph chose evil and fun over Simon’s life, which shows that evil is in
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