Power In Nursing Research Paper

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Power in nursing is something patient’s, families, and other health care providers see every day in many different ways. If nurses understand the concept of power and how they are able to achieve power they will ultimately be able to show it in not only there work but can show it by powering the nursing departments and as an overall profession. First, the nurse must know what he or she is powerful at and how they have come to that stage of their nursing career. It could be an evaluation each year where the nurse may sit down with a manager to discuss how that nurse has grown over the past year. The power of each nurse lies in his or her knowledge and expertise related to the technical, diagnostic, and interpersonal areas of nursing practice.…show more content…
With this, a nurse would be able to efficiently work with others to discuss plans for a patient and how to get the right plan if the nurse wasn’t able to do the right part. Knowing when you are wrong and how to take advice and collaborate with others is a major way nurses are able to be such strong leaders. A powerful nurse is one who is looked up to and when there is a question about what is wrong and right or how to do a clinical skill, this nurse will know the answer almost 90% of the time. Most powerful nurses have a lot of experience and know what will make the patient better or how to deal with family members or sometimes doctors. These nurses are looked up to on that floor and are described as very diligent nurses. Moving up in the ladder or participating in leading a group of nurses to change a practice or how to prevent central line associated infections is just an example of how a nurse can be powerful in their practice. This is an essential way for nurses to participate in sound, expert nursing practice and is a critical element of a nurse 's power
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